The Lancet  Neurology Autoimmune Disorder Conference

Scope of the Conference

How does the immune system protect and regulate the CNS? What are the clinical consequences of CNS autoimmunity? How can animal models help advance their diagnosis and treatment?

Since the discovery of the antibodies against the NMDA receptor, at least eight additional antibodies against other cell-membrane antigens have been characterised. The conference programme will provide a unique opportunity to review the most common clinical syndromes associated with neuronal antibodies against receptors and synaptic proteins and to improve understanding of the underlying mechanisms of disease, as a first step towards the design of efficient immunotherapies to treat these syndromes.

Through the framework of autoimmune diseases mediated by antibodies to synaptic proteins, attendees will also discuss the role of these proteins in highly prevalent neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease or schizophrenia.

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