The Lancet  Neurology Autoimmune Disorder Conference


David Sulzer, Columbia University, New York, USA

David SulzerDr Sulzer is a professor of neurology, psychiatry, and pharmacology at Columbia University Medical Center and the New York Psychiatric Institute. He received his PhD from the department of biology at Columbia University.

Dr Sulzer’s lab is involved in research devoted to understanding the synapses of the basal ganglia, particularly in investigating how synapses of the cortex, striatum, and dopamine neurons are selected to underlie learning and decision making, and understanding diseases that produce disorders of the basal ganglia, including  Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, drug dependence, autism, and schizophrenia. Dr Sulzer has authored more than 150 publications in the field of dopamine and basal ganglia synaptic physiology and disease.

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