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Laurent Groc, Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience, Bordeaux, France

Laurent Groc is a senior investigator for the CNRS at the Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience, where he is heading the “Development and Adaptation of Neuronal Circuits” lab. Understanding how neuronal connections are shaped during physiological and pathological brain development has been the main drive of Groc’s early career. After undergraduate studies in France, he obtained in 2000 his PhD in R. Levine’s Laboratory at Wayne State University (MI, USA) and University of Lyon (France). During this period, he explored the intracellular pathways involved in the developmental organisation of the dopamine neuron complexes. Because the neuronal network development greatly relies on the proper establishment of connections, he then focused his research on the cellular and molecular mechanisms responsible for the dynamic maturation and plasticity of the excitatory glutamate synapses both during the physiological development and in models of neuropsychiatric disorders. Groc’s main early-career scientific contributions have been to discover the dynamic organisation of synaptic glutamate receptors using single molecule/nanoparticle approach and to demonstrate that such a surface dynamics of neurotransmitter receptors is a key target for physiological regulation during maturation and plasticity but is also a substrate in neuropsychiatric disorders. He received, among others, the CNRS young investigator award in 2008 and the French Science Academy Young Investigator Award in 2009.

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